dreamstime_xxl_3355705At Ivy Ridge Asset Management in Rhinebeck, our financial advisors individually customize your portfolio with an emphasis on generating income through the use of dividend growth as one of our primary investment strategies. By creating individual client portfolios in what we call the use of “dividend growth” or other investments that have demonstrated both the ability and commitment to increase their dividend payouts annually over time, we are able to generate the following results for our clients:

  • Creates significant levels of income to meet distribution needs annually.
  • Provides fresh capital in volatile markets and can deliver enhanced and compounded total returns.
  • Lessens portfolio risk due to lower betas and (P/E) ratios.
  • Provides capital growth in three ways: Capital preservation, dividend retention and reinvestment, and dividend growth.
  • Allows for predictable levels of current and future income.

Dividend Growth Investing

Ask any investor what the meaning of dividend growth investing is and you may receive a variety of answers, depending on the sophistication, savvy, and experience of the individual. Dividends provide tremendous value to investors, particularly those investing for income. Investing for dividends tends to be looked down upon as an investment tactic of the past – a stodgy, conservative way to grow portfolio values that is for more risk-averse investors who lack the risk taking drive to engage in more exotic, high-risk, high-reward investment vehicles like swaps, leveraged exchange traded funds in oil and other high volume trading commodities, and real estate investing.

However, there is sufficient evidence that investors who take a long-term approach through dividend growth investing tend to do better than those seeking higher returns relative to a higher level of risk or volatility, as measured by standard deviation.

Our portfolio management specialists believe this disciplined investment approach provides the foundation for a sound investment philosophy while creating additional wealth for our clients. For more information on our financial services, set up an appointment with one of our financial advisors today.

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