Making long-term decisions about money can be challenging, and more often than not, a little scary. Many people in Rhinebeck turn to experienced financial advisors to help them navigate financial decisions, and at Ivy Ridge Asset Management, that’s exactly what we do. Advisors can help you make informed decisions by understanding your unique financial goals and recommending smart solutions to ensure your portfolio is on track. While there are many potential benefits for your portfolio when you hire a financial advisor, below are a few of our favorites.

dreamstime_8804371Financial Advisors Help You Create An Investment Plan

Our clients at Ivy Ridge Asset Management are very smart and successful people. They understand that no matter how successful they are in their careers, professional financial guidance can help safekeep their money. When you work with our wealth management specialists, we’ll recsommend the most appropriate investments for your portfolio based off of your life and finance goals. A financial planner can help you build a robust portfolio with a variety of asset classes and investments (municipal bonds, microcap stocks, real estate, etc.). With the help of a well-structured and diverse portfolio, your financial wealth will hold up better during times of market stress and will improve your chances of successful long-term investments.

They Help You Structure A Diverse Portfolio

When you diversify your portfolio with stocks, bonds and real assets, it’s easier to achieve your desired rate of return over a market cycle. Why is this, you ask? Diversification can help ensure you’ll always have exposure to well-performing areas of the market. Your financial advisor can help you stay disciplined in rebalancing your portfolio for better risk-adjusted returns.

They Help Reduce Investment Fees & Improved Tax Efficiency

When it comes to choosing the best financial advisor for you, transparency and information are critical components. Do you truly know how much you pay in fees for your mutual fund? The best financial planners will focus on getting you into funds without a front-end load and with low absolute fees. Your portfolio’s tax efficiency can also greatly be improved with the help of an experienced financial advisor by having them focus on the most tax-efficient investments for your portfolio.

If you live near Rhinebeck and need dependable financial advisory, Ivy Ridge Asset Management has helped hundreds of families with their portfolios, retirement plans and wealth management. Contact our office today to speak to one of our experienced financial advisors!